Praise From Clients

“After interviewing 6 other therapists I knew in the first 5 minutes of speaking with you that your energy, kindness and approach would be exactly what I needed. It was time for something different from what I had experienced in therapy before. There was a calmness, compassion and confidence in your voice that I also really needed and you have never veered from that.”

B.A., Age 61, Ventura, CA


“Originally I found you to help me with my anxiety, depression, lack of motivation and relationship issues. Something about your approach to healing seemed to draw me in. I was also looking for an EMDR therapist because our couple's therapist recommended it for me. After seeing you a few times I realized that I had never felt more comfortable with a therapist. You support me, listen to me and respond with challenges, but in a loving way. I was so hesitant about therapy over Telehealth, but you haven't missed a beat compared to when we were in person. Your connection to me is the most valuable thing.”

V.R., Age 48, Santa Barbara, CA


“I contacted you to deal with the trauma associated with the loss of both my parents and an unborn child. I also had a deep fear of fire after the Thomas Fire from which I had to evacuate, and many houses on our street burnt to the ground. Your experience with PTSD, EMDR and somatic therapy spoke to me, but honestly, your overall demeanor and ability to create a safe space helped me the most.

Prior to COVID, your office was the only place on this planet that I didn't worry about where the exit was should we encounter danger. You offer safety, kindness, patience, and an intuition of when and where to process. I have so much gratitude for the healing I have received from you.”

W.G., Age 44, Ventura, CA